I am a 31 year old daddy who is in search of his perfect little princess to love and take care of.   I am interested in finding a girl who is younger and physically fit and not overwieght, I also want someone who is adventuresome, likes to cuddle and doesnt mind being also romantic with their daddy.  I say this because in my years and several littles ive had I have learned that its ideal if you can find a princess you can also date.  I also like one who has a artistic side and loves to color and draw, I am a sucker for a little one who likes to show me what she has made.  Also while I would like one who wears diapers part of the time and its okay if your a bedwetter or need them as long as you dont mess or enjoy messing.  Also you must be a biological female no trans or anything like that.   I figured I would be straigtht forward with that and if you feel like you might fit those things feel free to send me a PM

Hugs Daddy Kev